Endtest vs Ghost Inspector

Comparing the feature set of Endtest and Ghost Inspector.
Liviu Lupei
5 min read

Let's compare Endtest and Ghost Inspector.

RequirementEndtestGhost Inspector
Works for Web Applications
Works for Mobile Applications🔲
Works with Chrome
Works with Firefox
Works with Edge🔲
Works with Safari🔲
Works with Internet Explorer 11🔲
Cloud with browsers on Windows machines🔲
Cloud with browsers on macOS machines🔲
No-Code Technology
Visual Testing
Live Customer Support🔲
Email Testing
Video recording of test executions

1. Endtest

Endtest is the leading test automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently build automated end-to-end tests for Web Applications and Mobile Applications.

You can execute your tests directly on the cross-browser cloud which has all the major browsers on Windows and macOS machines.

2. Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector is a product which allows you to record and execute tests for web applications.

Since the technology behind Ghost Inspector is CasperJS, that means that it can only run on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Currently, there is no possibility to make it run on other browsers such as Safari and Internet Explorer 11.

Ghost Inspector provides a cloud grid with Chrome and Firefox browsers on Linux machines.

Another limitation is that tests will be automatically stopped if the execution takes more than 10 minutes.


Even if these 2 products might seem similar, there are significant differences between them.

Endtest definitely has more functionality. We adapted the requirements from the comparison table as much as we could.

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