Endtest vs BrowserStack

A quick comparison of Endtest and BrowserStack

Let's compare Endtest and BrowserStack

Works for Web Applications
Works for Mobile Applications
Cloud with browsers on Windows machines
Cloud with browsers on macOS machines
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1. Endtest

Endtest is a cloud platform that allows you to create, manage and run Automated Tests for Web Applications and Native Mobile Apps (Android & iOS), without having to write any code.

2. BrowserStack

BrowserStack is a service that offers you a list of browsers and mobile devices to execute your Selenium and Appium tests.

It simply provides the browsers and mobile devices, you still have to build your internal test automation framework by writing code.


It doesn't actually seem fair to compare these 2 products, since they provide different functionalities.

We adapted the requirements from the comparison table as much as we could.

The target audience for these 2 products is similar, but still different.

Endtest was built for teams who want to build tests faster, without writing any code.

BrowserStack is mostly for teams who want to build their own internal test automation tool.

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